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AllPlatformOutlinePack  for Unreal Engine 4


The only two-pass outliner for UE4

Everyone knows the two-pass outlining technique. However, there had been no good implementation in UE4, because multi-pass shading materials are not supported. We introduce AllPlatformOutlinePack, the UE4 specific two-pass outlining implementation, which bypasses the limited freedom of UE4 shading pipeline. It was challenging to implement it. But fortunately, it runs perfect and is very easy to use.

October 2016


honorably in UE4 marketplace

The pack was featured by Epic and has got good scores. Continuous updates made it even more robust. We thank our customers for their valuable feedback and reports.

This classic guy greatly supports several important things that post-process outliners don't, which could be critical to you.
The list is below.
Very thin subpixel lines
Fine line width control
Antialiased lines
Line width control in world-space
Different colors on different meshes
and more
Gorgeous novel technologies sometimes make important things blurry.
Jiffycrew is a progressive team. But this time, we wanted to provide a classic.

CartoonRenderingPack contains the full content of this pack.

-   AllPlatformOutlinePack

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